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It is insufficiently considered that men more often require to be reminded than informed.
--Samuel Johnson

Certain questions get asked time and again, and this is an attempt to reduce the bandwidth taken up by these posts and their associated replies. If you have a question, please check this wiki before you post. It may save a lot of people's time.

If you have not already read the overall Usenet introductory material posted to news.announce.newusers, please do. It is also available by ftp in (see FAQ:What is this .xxx file type? about .zip).

If you don't want to see this FAQ regularly, please add the subject line to your kill file. If you don't know what a kill file is, get by ftp the file


Practical Usage of Compression Programs

General questions

Image and audio compression

Common problems

Questions which do not really belong to comp.compression

Introductions to data compression techniques

List of image compression hardware

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